Biotic Soil Amendments


When you need vegetation but your soil won’t support it… A smarter way to reclaim, rebuild or replace depleted topsoil and overcome site challenges.

Organix™ Biotic Soil Amendment

What is Organix™?

Organix™ is an engineered Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendment (HBSA). Our combination of soil enhancing organic materials, microbial stimulators, growth mediums, soil stabilizers and soil builders makes Organix™ the most cost-effective solution for reclamation work.  Typical application rate of 3,500 lbs. to 5,550 lbs. per acre.

High-active growth medium and topsoil replacement:

  •   Increase vegetation establishment.
  •   Support plant growth at all stages of development.
  •   Assist in rapid development of soil structure and pore space for nutrients, water, and air flow.
  •   Improve nutrient cycling and plant available nutrients.
  •   Ensure long-term sustainability of vegetation and topsoil

Fusion™ Erosion Control & Biotic Soil Amendment

What is Fusion™?

Fusion™ is an engineered Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendment (HBSA) — a complete topsoil replacement and soil building erosion control solution, combining two proven products.

Fusion combines the proven erosion control protection of EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix™ with the topsoil replacement and  soil building attributes of Organix™.

Three types of Fusion™ for different site challenges:

Fusion™ For sites with moderate soil conditions. Application rates 4000-6000 lbs per acre.
Fusion Extreme™ For sites with bad soils and challenging erosion conditions. Application rates 4500-6000 lbs per acre.
Fusion TRM™ For sites requiring infill for TRM (Turf Reinforcement Mats.) Application rate 6000 lbs per acre.

Below you can download resources and legal documentation on Fusion™ & Organix™ and related products.

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One-step Application Saves Money and Time!

Work Smarter with Organix™ & Fusion™

  •   Eliminate the costly and time consuming practice of hauling truckloads of replacement soil.
  •   Fast and easy application
  •   Speed up project completion and increase profits.

Fusion™ & Organix™ Have Been Proven Effective For:

  •   Oils and Gas Sites
  •   Post Fire Reclamation
  •   Reclamation
  •   Re-Vegetation
  •   Landfill Closures
  •   Landscaping

Fusion™ is US Composting Council STA Certified

Fusion™ & Organix™ IN THE FIELD