Posi-Shell® For Alternative Daily Cover


Posi-Shell®, developed by LSC Environmental Products LLC, is the most effective Alternate Daily Cover (ADC) product to help solid waste municipalities save on their daily cover costs, conserve space and extend the life of their landfill.

What is Posi-Shell® for Alternative Daily Cover?

Posi-Shell®, applied with any standard hydroseeder or with our line of mix and spray applicators, is a patented blend of clay binders, reinforcing fibers and polymers, specially formulated for maximum effectiveness.  When mixed with water, Posi-Shell® forms a spray-on mortar which dries into a thin layer of stucco.  Even in adverse weather conditions, Posi-Shell® will adhere to any surface and the durability enhancers that are a part of the formulation make for a long term coating that remains resilient to erosion for more than a year.  Unlike difficult to work with landfill films, Posi-Shell® spray conforms to any type of rugged terrain, eliminating the need for any surface preparation.

Posi-Shell® meets all US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements to control disease vectors, suppress fires, minimize odors, hinder scavengers and eliminate blowing litter.  The product doesn’t need to be removed and creates a continuous impermeable barrier until landfill operations begin again.

Additional Benefits:

  • Increases airspace savings.
  • Conserves limited soil resources.
  • Lowers landfill operating costs.
  • Reduces leachate generation.
  • Improves landfill gas collection.
  • Works in conjunction with existing daily cover process.
  • Applies quickly with standard hydroseeder or LSC applicator.

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What are the Benefits of Posi-Shell® for Alternative Daily Cover?

When using Posi-Shell® for alternative daily cover, you add 20% more capacity to your landfill. Posi-Shell® can also be applied by a single operator, performing a task that on average takes 11x the labor and equipment hours and 3x as much fuel as opposed to traditional soil operations. This adds up to a huge savings in capital, time and airspace which all lead to an extended life of your landfill.

Learn more about the savings Posi-Shell® offers to solid waste facilities:

How to Start Using Posi-Shell® as Alternative Daily Cover

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