Erosion Control

Strong. Versatile. Cost-Effective.

Posi-Shell® is the  most effective, cost-efficient and versatile cover system available on the market today with applications ranging from erosion control to hazardous material containment.

Posi-Shell®'s innovative formulation enables the addition of durability enhancers to create highly impermeable coatings that dramatically reduces erosion, infiltration, or siltation in a multitude of applications.

Posi-Shell®’s erosion control coatings give engineers the ability to easily dial in durability specifications by adjusting formulations or application thickness.  Whether looking to protect ditches, stabilize slopes, cover stockpiles, control siltation, or address any number of SWPPP requirements, nothing can match Posi-Shell®'s performance, cost, design flexibility, or speed of application.

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Swales / Trenches / Ditches:

Our Posi-Shell® erosion control formulations give engineers and site managers the design flexibility to create highly effective, low-cost channel linings that address the challenges associated with concentrated water flows. Thousands of feet of highly durable lining can be installed per day with a crew of just 1-2 laborers. Unlike other lining systems, Posi-Shell® is easy to maintain and integrates into the soil if a channel needs to be relocated or removed.

Stockpile Protection

Posi-Shell®’s simplicity and durability makes it tremendously effective at controlling windblown dust, infiltration, or runoff associated with clean or contaminated stockpiles. Unlike cumbersome tarps or geo-membranes, Posi-Shell® erosion control coatings are spray-applied and do not require any ballast. Posi-Shell® conforms and adheres to any topography and delivers clean runoff. Stockpile loading or removal is accomplished by breaking into the coating where desired. Active areas may be left open or quickly resealed if required. Posi-Shell® erosion control coatings are ideal for protecting expensive piles of salt, coal, or cement clinker; furthermore, these coatings are used extensively for containing hazardous or radioactive soils.

Slope Stabilization

When vegetation is not an option or the seeding season has passed, Posi-Shell® erosion control coatings are the perfect low-cost solution to protect and stabilize slopes. Our long-term coatings are spray-applied and allow engineers or operators to protect acres (hectares) of slope in a single day. The finished coating is durable, as well as textured, therefore slowing water runoff. The final product eliminates erosion, siltation, and, as a result, expensive rework. The product can be designed to last for years with minimal maintenance and is easily tracked into slopes when intermediate protection is no longer necessary.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

Delivered through any spray application equipment, LSC's suite of products and formulations offers engineers the flexibility to design new, or enhance existing, storm water pollution protection plans. LSC’s erosion control formulation (Posi-Shell®), seeding product (EarthGuard Cube®), and dust control product (Posi-Clear®) are all versatile, low-cost, quick to apply, and meet the most stringent NPDES requirements.


The Challenge

Requiring the strictest compliance protocols, Washington Closure Hanford's disposal facility searched for an economic and effective solution to control dust and debris from radioactive wastes generated at site cleanup projects across the 586 square mile nuclear reservation. Zero tolerance for emissions is expected, meaning no dust or debris can be carried beyond the disposal area.

The Posi-Shell® Solution

In 2006, Posi-Shell® was implemented to replace traditional soil cover. Since then the contractor, S.M. Stoller, continues to successfully use Posi-Shell® to satisfy all emissions requirements and is also realizing significant airspace savings by eliminating bulky soil cover.


Watch Posi-Shell being pounded by water


Watch Posi-Shell® Shed 1/2" Rain


Watch Posi-Shell with Xtreme Rain Shield in Hong Kong